Caroline Braham

How a session looks...

We normally start by discussing any expectations or concerns you may have about the series as well as finding out a bit of your relevant history. I’ll have a look at how you use your body, probably in sitting and standing for the first session. Most people wear comfortable underwear (sometimes a bathing suit) as the bodywork is directly on the skin. We will work on a therapy couch with the majority of the session you lying down. Sometimes we do a little bit of bodywork with you in seated position. You will always be invited to notice what’s going on inside you and to share your experience. Occasionally  I’ll make little suggestions about your body use and how you move and at the end we’ll discuss something you could take away and practice between sessions. In Hellerwork we work together as a team and  your input is a valuable part of the process.



Hellerwork Structural Integration is like a full body re-tuning. The idea being that with the considered input of the Hellerwork technique we can restore much of our original, and natural, body experience. In addition to this we can also learn a new and advantageous  physicality to feel really good in ourselves.

It is the skilful combination of deep-tissue bodywork, movement re-education and emotional awareness that makes Hellerwork so profound as a healing and transformative, and learning experience.

Hellerwork is based on a series of 10 or 11 sections. Each section addresses particular parts of the body and the related movements. As we move through the series each section expands on the previous ones and prepares for the following ones. We work together, as a team, you and I, adapting every session to your needs, so that the series is all about listening to you and your body and following what it wants.

In this method we communicate with the myofascial  and nervous systems in the body as these are responsible for holding past patterns and physical habits and also for developing new ones. The nervous system is always responding to the demands placed on it it the best way it can by sending and receiving information to and from the body and in the Hellerwork series we want to support change by listening and guiding.